Fleetridge 1 is a community of 72 homes on the Point Loma peninsula overlooking San Diego and its Bay.

In the early 1950’s, several prominent San Diegans acquired and developed the Fleetridge community.  They bought 186 acres where “the (original developers) buyers were going to build 792 box houses all over that beautiful property and spoil the whole district”.  They banded together to prevent “that catastrophe by subdividing it properly, preserving the views and selling it for quality homes that fit the area”.  Ultimately David Fleet (son of Adm. Rueben H. Fleet) took charge of developing Fleetridge, “employing the best subdivision planners to lay out the property in curving streets which followed natural contours and preserved unobstructed scenic vistas for all properties facing the bay.”  Quotes are from Rueben Fleet and The Story of Consolidated Aircraft.

 Fleetridge Unit 1 was the first of seven subdivisions built, and one of two that still has the Declaration of Restrictions (DOR) in force.  These restrictions were created by the developers “…for the purpose of protecting the value and desirability of all of the Real Property…Each and all of the covenants, conditions and restrictions shall run with the land and shall inure to the benefit…of each and every Lot and parcel thereof…” 

The DOR establishes an Architectural Review Committee (ARC) to enforce its provisions:

 Section 2.2 Architectural Control   No new building or major renovation or alteration which changes the exterior dimensions or elevations of an existing structure shall be erected, constructed, installed or 

placed upon any Lot until the and plans of the improvement have been approved in writing by the ARC. 

Section 2.3  ARC Approval  The ARC shall approve proposals or plans and specifications submitted for its approval if it deems that the improvements contemplated in the locations proposed will be in conformance with the provisions of this Declaration. 

Go to the Information page if you wish to review the other provisions in the DOR, identify the Lots in Fleetridge 1, or check the height limit for a Lot. An explanation of how elevations are measured and the process for Plan Review by the ARC are there as well. 

Our process is guided by the Declaration of Restrictions administered by the Architectural Review Committee (ARC) comprised of five elected Lot Owners.


Go to the Information page to learn more and see the height limit restrictions by Lot.